Dream Teaching Location - Towering Casas, Fanciful Buildings and Watermelon Drinks...

Imagine walking through centro, sipping a cool, freshly juiced watermelon drink, stopping every now and then to investigate the brightly colored jewelry sold by the Mexican Indians who come into town every day and line the sidewalks of the old colonial city.

But in this city, San Miguel De Allende, you won't be limited to only Spanish culture and its language. On your day off, you could visit the town's library, complete with thousands of English books, stop by a few museums-where the local talent is both inspired and colorful-attend the English speaking Church, or hit a few garage sales put on by the American expatriates early in the morning.

The city is pricy, but there is a lot of wealth there, made obvious by the towering casas, and fanciful streets and buildings. In other words, if you wanted to live a better lifestyle and take advantage of the many coffee shops and boutiques in this charming city, you shouldn't have too much trouble picking up some private students to supplement your wages.

If you're thinking about teaching in Mexico, you shouldn't make a decision until you've visited this city at least once!

By Michelle Simmons