Professional Development - Dusting Off Your Resume...

Keeping up with the latest trends in teaching, taking classes and attending seminars to improve your teaching skills are an important aspect of being a great teacher. But sometimes those great teachers can have a difficult time finding a job. Why? Because part of professional development is learning how to present those qualifications to a potential employer.

When's the last time you took a look at your resume?

Oftentimes people shudder at the thought of redoing their resume, but if it's been a while since you've updated yours, do yourself a favor and pull it out and shake the dust off of it.

Now, take a closer look - is it apparent that it's been some time since it was last worked on? (For example, is the last employment date 1979?) The first thing you should do is to add on any work experience, training and achievements that aren't listed.

Next, take a look at the format - is it in the tired structure of yesterday's resumes, or have you incorporated some great graphics and other eye-catching details?

Does your resume focus on your accomplishments, or simply your experience? There is a difference. For instance, consider these two statements. "I worked at a school in Japan teaching children." Or, "I worked with a classroom of children in Japan, and by the end of the school term, all of them were completely prepared to begin the next level."

Finally, it's wise to remember that your resume - no matter how perfectly created - won't be right for every job situation. You will likely have to "redefine" it for each job position you apply for.

By Michelle Simmons