Teaching Tip - Do You Net?

Have you used the Internet in your classroom yet? If not, here are some simple things you can do to incorporate it into your teaching.

Listening: There are tons of sites that are especially designed for the ESL student. Your students can listen to poetry, short stories, radio programs or even music to hear other "voices" and practice their listening skills.

Writing: The use of instant chats has quickly spread all over the world, and you can bet that your students are already using them. Why not schedule chat sessions with your students and have them communicate in English?

Communicating: Many students would love to make a friend in another country, and the Internet is providing a place for them to do just that. No, they DON'T have to join an Internet dating service! There are pen-pal sites that exist solely to connect people looking to communicate with other people learning a foreign language.

If you don't have access to computers in your school, you can assign any of the above as homework!

By Michelle Simmons