Workplace Issues - Negotiate Your Salary...

If you're like many teachers, you simply accept the salary that a school is offering, and promise yourself that next year, you'll ask for a raise, or look for a position that pays better. But did you know that most ESL salaries are negotiable? That's right, those teachers who routinely ask for more are generally the ones making the higher salaries.

Hey, what would it hurt to ask?

But before you go barging into the director's office demanding more money, you should be aware that are indeed some finer points of negotiation. Here are a few tips.

Know what you want before you begin negotiations. This may sound simplistic, but far too many ESL teachers accept a salary without knowing what the cost of living is in the area, or don't plan for their monthly expenses. It's vital that you understand exactly what it will cost you to live a comfortable life, and then make up your mind not to accept anything less than that. By knowing your bottom line BEFORE you walk in the door, you'll be more likely to walk out with what you want - and need.

Don't be afraid of silence. It's an old adage that the first one to speak usually loses. The great thing about old sayings, is that they're true most of the time. Consider those silent times after the numbers have been laid out on the table as a kind of mental warfare. Speak too early, and you just might lose a healthy portion of your potential salary.

By Michelle Simmons